Thierry Dentice was born in Liege, Belgium. He hasĀ graduated from the Institute S.C. Cooremans with Honours with a degree in Commercial Science with a specialization in financial management, administration, HR management, external commerce, cooperation, and development. Additionally, he has earned a Harvard Executive Leadership Programme Certificate.

Thierry began his career with Banque Nagelmackers in Brussels where he served as an Account officer. In 1993, he took his first job outside of Europe as he left Belgium to set-up his own business and take up the role of Director for International Business Link in Bujumbura, Burundi. He eventually returned to his native continent to serve as an Auditor for Finorg in France for several years, while working on short and medium-term assignments in Italy, Luxembourg, Malawi, Angola and Togo among other countries.

Outside of his career, Thierry Dentice loves to travel the world with his wife, to scuba-dive in warm and deep oceans, to study and understand oriental philosophies and ways of life through different types of martial arts and has a true passion for cooking and eating delicious meals.